How To Make $500 Per Month Google Adsense

what’s up everybody it’s Tyler Horvath with Titan media would you believe me if I told you that I made over $200,000 in one single month with Google Adsense alone I know that might sound a little unbelievable but I’m gonna show you exactly how I did it in this video and I’m even gonna show you my stats to prove that it is 100% accurate and that I really did make this much money I actually even made over $17,000 with Google Adsense alone in one single day so I’m going to show you exactly how to do it right now okay everybody so here is my Adsense account where you can see that I had generated almost 1.5 million dollars in Google Adsense revenue alone so I have it sorted here by estimated earnings by day so you can see that on December 20th 2014 I did seventeen thousand eight hundred and thirty eight dollars in Google Adsense revenue so that is pretty insane and as you can see it was you know before Christmas time so all the advertisers budgets were all the way up and we’re getting $42 rpms so that means that a thousand people that viewed our pages we would make $42 so with four hundred and twenty two

thousand page views that means that we made about eighteen thousand dollars so you can see here we did a good amount of $15,000 days total it was about 1.5 million and even one month in that time frame I did two hundred thousand dollars alone with Google Adsense so I’m gonna show you exactly how I did that I just wanted to show you this to show you that it’s not fake I can reload it you know know the numbers are skewed it’s all real and I will show you exactly how I generated this much money with Google Adsense

okay so I’m gonna show you now exactly the method that I used to make almost 1.5 million dollars with Google Adsense so you can see here I have this website viral I’m calm up and I’m actually using the wayback machine because this was my site and I have since sold it and whoever had it

How To Make $500 Per Month Google Adsense

keep it up so it’s not online anymore but this is the Wayback Machine showing viral and this is one of the posts that I used to generate almost 1.5 million dollars with Google Adsense so you can see here basically I created you know viral content articles that have you know a list of you know 12 to 20 items and I would create a page for each item with a Next button to go to the next item now by this next button I would have a Google Adsense ad that really stood out and it would get an insane amount of clicks so you know they have with this ones for example they have 12 chances to click on the Adsense ad you know so if you sent someone to your site and it was just one page and that’s the only page that they view well that’s one chance that they have to click on one of your your Google Adsense ads and it’s probably not gonna happen but when you give it 12 chances for them to click on your Google Adsense ad and you have these next and previous buttons right by it it’s a lot more likely that they’re probably gonna click on that ad and you’re gonna make money so we would simply build Facebook ads to these you know viral content articles and make sure that we are generating high

click-through rate ads so that we’re getting cheaper and cheaper clicks so for example with this Harry Potter post I was getting about two to three cent clicks and they would come to this page click through all of the you know all the items and I would make an average of about 20 cents or so per person that visited so if you think about spending 20 cents to making or spending two cents to making 20 cents it’s a really really good margin so I was able to easily scale up and send more and more traffic to these pages using Facebook Ads so I would simply go into Facebook ads and create a traffic campaign and I would target you know a really specific audience that would like this post so for example this Harry Potter post I would target people who love the Harry Potter movies

and that’s it and I was getting about 12% click-through rate because people who loved Harry Potter definitely wanted to see all of these cool things and they would clip through every single one of them and click on a lot of ads and it generated a lot of revenue so you can do this with with pretty much anything it doesn’t have to be you know viral content you can do it with health articles fitness articles the best thing to do is go to Google Adsense and look for the highest paid niches and create a site about that I know that health is another big one I had another health site that I did the same thing with that helped you know make that 1.5 million dollars and I was basically just sending as much traffic as possible for as cheap as possible from Facebook and converting that traffic in Google Adsense so I hope this video helps you figure out how to make more money on the internet using Google Adsense make sure that you click Subscribe of always posting great content like this on how to make money online how to start businesses online and how to grow your business online so thanks and have a great day,

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