How to design a custom landing page from a template 2020

whether you are a pro marketer a designer or a small business owner with the page whiz builder you can easily create pro looking high converting landing pages in page wiz it’s quick and easy to tweak templates text and swap in your images to make the page work for your business in this video I’ll take the changes a few steps further and show you how to turn a page with template into a fully personalized landing page it’ll look so different from the original template that people will never know that you didn’t build it from scratch let’s dive inside say you’re the proprietor of a nutritionists business you’d like to promote we’ll go to lifestyle and wellness

let’s preview this one ,this template looks fine

select choose this template in this campaign we want to collect potential customers emails by giving them free health strategies in return this templates call-to-action isn’t quite right for our purpose because it says scheduled a consultation but we’ll see how to change it in a minute let’s name our page health strategies campaign now suppose you don’t have a logo no problem just remove the placeholder logo and enter your name here plus let’s add that your certified health coach let’s change the headline

and the sub-headline

next let’s swap in a cool custom image click on the section then background background image and click here if the image is bigger than the section size it’s easy to change the section dimensions accordingly

great but now the text is covering the image so let’s align the text to the left and let’s make this form vertical instead of horizontal you could also customize the text a little bit leave your details to get my super strategies in your inbox pineapple not included since you’re planning on collecting only email addresses and since minimizing the number of fields a visitor has to fill in often boosts response let’s get rid of the phone field you can do that by clicking the form setting button form fields edit the phone field delete field and apply ok this Pink’s no longer complementing the page color scheme so let’s change it to black and since we’re not scheduling anything let’s make the button read I want to know now by the way there are lots more ways to customize a button you can round corners adjust the font type and size and even use an image as the background plus for each text element on the page you can choose from an endless variety of google fonts or even use your own alright moving from this to this was a snap let’s do some more quick fixes first since we’re not promoting consultations let’s just delete this section,

How to design a custom landing page

this section has two more lead forms and they’re different from the top form which reminds me page wiz lets you add as many forms as you’d like to your page each form can also have as many fields as you wish and those fields can include text boxes text areas radio buttons dropdowns,

checkboxes even hidden text boxes for this page let’s remove this sections content entirely and replace it with another pineapple image and let’s make sure it fits you can also make quick work of adding a headline by copying an existing one right click then click the duplicate icon paste in a fresh headline now let’s add a video underneath it drag a video element paste in a video link there the video is ready to go okay to save time I’ve prepared the next two sections in advance it’s very easy to use Google Maps to embed a map of your business location from Google Maps enter your address,

share select embed map and choose custom size to specify the exact dimensions and pixels then copy the code and paste it in the HTML element like so for this last section just copy the top form and adjust it horizontally in the footer it’s helpful to add your social media icons they create trust and encourage conversions for visitors eager to know you’ve got a committed web presence to add links just right-click on them hit the link to and add your URL so there you have it we started with a regular template and in no time produced a distinctive fully personalized landing page hope you enjoyed the video and for any questions feel free to contact our live chat or mail support at support at page Wiz calm,


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