How to Build a Landing Page in 5 Minutes

hey welcome back to this week’s episode today we’re going to talk about how to build a landing page Infusionsoft in three minutes or less that sounds great yes that’s the landing thanks for your enthusiasm a landing page is basically a web page for you to convert people into some sort of promotion or sale or just a simple sign up so an example might be you sell shirts on mom Chicago check them out calm calm my bad mafia traffic monster con I go check them out you’re awesome you might sell a shirt on there with a discount and you want to drive people to buy that right so you’re gonna make a landing page to capture contact information a lot of people to get that that coupon discount or promotion so we’re gonna build that in three minutes or less all right let’s show you how to do it start the timer,

How to Create Landing Page

so first Ernest is gonna go and set campaigns he’s gonna create and edit a new campaign as he’s in the campaign builder he just has to drag out that landing page node now the great thing about the landing page builder is that we’ve put a lot of fantastic templates in here and the goal is to minimize how much time you’re spending creating something from scratch because you have something that fits what your needs are so you’re gonna show others how to market their business and you’ve chosen a template that says maximize your marketing strategy don’t now it looks like you’re naming your page the cool thing about the landing page builder at the bottom you can see your progress and the steps that you’re in and to move through steps you just click on next step or back now the goal for Ernest here is to simply edit and customize this template to fit what he’s building or he’s doing and the great thing is you change the text change may Benson,

of the images but the research that we’ve done and how these pages are built is to really make a compelling page that converts people so it looks like he’s gonna add a picture here o add a logo all right it looks good that’s not my phone number as a matter of fact I prefer not to have a phone number yeah there we go so quickly delete sections as well so he’s got so earnest you’re you’re editing the copy right now walk me through what what’s going through your mind as you’re building this so it’s already designed in a way to where it’s it’s kind of got the elements that I need yeah it’s got the call to action up top which is definitely something that you want it’s got some copy and there already and then on here it’s giving me the ability to show someone what they’re actually gonna get out of working with me gotcha,

How to Create a Landing Page

so all I really need to do is modify the copy a little bit and then if I’d like to change the images I can do that for example you know this image right here may not apply to me or even this one may not apply to me so I can I can tap in here and I’m gonna go ahead and replace that image and I don’t necessarily have one that might work so let’s see if the gallery has anything for me so while you’re doing that Ernest a great thing is we have a bunch of royalty free images on the gallery so you can choose from a plethora of different things that really fit your needs

perfect and I found something that actually works great on this case so build your site is the content I went with and I’ve got a neat little laptop here that shows new products so that actually works out pretty well for me I think I’m ready to go

awesome let’s do this let’s launch this all right

think I’m going to keep the the thank you page as is and you ready to go live here I do itboom page is live awesome beautiful and it’s not limited that it’s awesome so guys build a landing page in three minutes or less using the templates put your own copy put your own images on there and you have a high converting compelling landing page on your website if if we can say one thing back in the day you staff to hire a web developer oh my gosh yeah they had to build this from scratch they build bill you hourly if there was a change you needed to make you needed to communicate with them and they had to put it on their queue of things to work on we’ve made it so simple for you to build a web page and stick it on your site

but you can get up and running in a matter of literally three minutes thank you you’re tuning in thank you guys we’ll see you next week

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