Earn $20 Per Hour Searching Google Make Money Online 2020

earn $20 per hour searching google what’s going on everyone not on here and in today’s video I’m gonna share with you how you can earn 15 dollars or even more by simply searching Google this is totally free worldwide and are super easy to drill to find out all the details all you have to do is stay with me a consistent basis about how to make money online work from home opportunities entrepreneurship and much more and make sure you also hit the notification below so you can be notified every time I upload a new video alright so as I said I’m gonna show you how you can earn fifteen dollars or even more and I’m actually gonna share with you a

combination so you can earn even more when you are around there with this method and strategy that you can earn 15 dollars or even more by simply searching Google now what you need to do is pay attention what’s the whole video so you don’t miss out on any important

information here and if you are

interested in making a full time passive income online build a sustainable long term online business then I highly suggest you to have a closer look at my number one recommendation right here below when we finish this video of course but for now let’s see how we can fifteen dollars or even more by simply searching Google let’s get started alright so basically we are going to have a look at web search evaluator and now before you jump into any conclusions here this is super easy to do and I’m actually going to reveal to you two different strategies here so you can earn even more money and this is as I said worldwide very easy to do so you really need to pay attention here so you can get started to make some money as an F web search evaluator so basically just show you here on Google what is a web search evaluator and I found that this was a good description so I’m going to read it here for you search engine evaluators gives feedback to ensure that internet search results are


accurate timely and that they are spam free and relevant to the searches intent in essence they are the human check on the complicated algorithms that search engine runs so basically they’re going to ask you to search for something on Google and you’re going to tell on what position if it is relevant all they might actually send you some ad to see if that is relevant also when you are there and searching for something specific so that is how a web search evaluator works which is really super easy to do actually you get the

instructions there and all you have to do is follow along and give your feedback to that company so if you have a look at how much does a web search evaluator make here you can see that Nielsen here first they do have a web search evaluator salaries that you can earn actually 26 thousand per year but we have lion bridge here which tells us $14 per hour we have happen on average $12 per hour leap fours $14 per hour and you can see if I scroll down a little bit here you can in the range of 12 to $15 per hour in the most cases okay but you can of course even more here so you can see here search engine evaluator is 36,000 881 so you can definitely make much more money but this is the pretty much standard for someone that is working from home doing this and what we are interested in actually is have a look at where we can apply for this and I’m going to share with you two

companies here today that are the most popular ones you probably have seen them here before but the first one is actually lion bridge okay so if I go to the site here

Earn $20 Per Hour Searching Google Make Money Online 2020

Umbridge calm you can see this is how it looks actually and they do explain who they are and what we do you can see here they do have other services as well so you never know actually when you apply here you can you might do something else here also but we’re going to focus on the section where what we are interested in as a web search evaluator so

basically what you need to do is go to the section for jobs of course and you can see here current opportunities online jobs find the ideal fit for you click on your region to see a list of opportunities in your country and you can see here that they do have in tons of countries here I’m going to Europe I’m going to Greece here where I am located and you can see here for example they search for personalized Internet ads Assessor Greece in this role you will be reviewing online advertisements in order to improve the content quality and layout so exactly as I said earlier ok in this case you will actually have to look for online advertisements you will be required to provide feedback and al an analysis on advertisements found in search engine results ok so you search on Google and you tell what kind of ads you are going to see there they’re going to tell you specific keywords so they want to have the feedback to see if the ads are showing up there for specific keywords ok so if I continue reading here another aspect of this role will involve reviewing the languageused in advertisements by examining grammar tone and cultural relevance so they need your help here whatever language you you know actually or where you are located for me as I’m located here in Greece right now you can see they want to have and say that the grammar is correcting the advertisement there

and there is also an Internet safety evaluator so this is another job opportunity actually that I could apply for as well but I think you get it just go to Lyon Bridge calm and get stored research around and see a little bit on you can see also the section here on how it works so if I go here you can see here in today’s global mobile and connected marketplace that shouldn’t be anywhere holding you back from working on your own terms

so basically with Lion Bridge

crowdsourcing they are hiring independent workers and this is actually working from home you can see you can find home-based jobs with flexible workloads that they control and a single pipeline for incoming work so it’s a perfect opportunity actually to do while you build on your long term online business they’re definitely a great way to get started with this and you can see here if you’re ready to join the crowd there’s no need to wait so basically you can hit the learn more or read the frequently asked questions now I’m not going to read through everything here but you can see that they do explain everything in detail here okay so have a look at it just go to Lyon bridge comm now another site that is very popular is a pen and happened.com this is how it looks here and basically if I go to the main site so you can see how it looks when you arrive here you just go to app and calm you can see your data with a human touch the app and difference they do explain a little bit here but you can see here they do have experience working in 130 plus countries hundred and eighty plus languages and this definitely makes it a worldwide opportunity and there you have over 600 employees located in nine offices around the globe ok so we need to go to the job section here where it says careers and you can do let’s say that you go for a corporate jobs here that you search for that

what you need to do is search basically if I go here to Greece there you go it says remote so if I do the search here you can see here that the first thing that they search for is social media evaluator and the second one is web search evaluator so you can see here a tap and we work with eight out of the ten global technology companies in the world to improve and optimize the product for users worldwide including social media platform search engines voice recognition systems and ecommerce sites the world of tech is moving fast and since our founding in 96 we rose to the challenge by becoming a publicly listed company and by building an international team that works in over 130 countries and more than 180

languages so do you like searching for information on the web and wonder why you see the results you do if so then they are looking for new members to be come a web search evaluator alright so as an evaluator you perform basic tasks online such as providing feedback on search results advertisement and with the web page content so exactly as I said it is exactly the same thing here they ask you to go to Google search for something particular and you are going to leave a feedback on that now what is cool with happen here is that you can actually apply for social media

evaluator this is available for a lot of countries also and it works pretty much the same way the only difference is that instead of searching on Google you’re going to have to be on a platforms like Facebook Twitter Linkedin where they do advertisements and they want to have some feedback there when you search for specific keywords so open com great opportunity also to get started with and Lion Bridge now you could do of course a Google search if you are going to focus on doing a web search evaluator you’re probably going to find a few more sites but I think these two are good enough to get started with at least

in the beginning now this is a great opportunity to make some extra money online but I don’t think that you can definitely apply not all of you can apply as a full-time job to be a web search evaluator so we feel were interested in making a full-time passive income online build a sustainable online business

I do have my number one recommendation right here below so make sure you check sure to smash that like button below I really appreciate it,

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