Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2020

What’s the best WordPress hosting when it comes to cost and speed optimization?

Let’s take a look. Hey it’s Hoz here and in this video we’re talking about WordPress hosting when it comes to speed optimization. This video is part of the WordPress speed optimization series so make sure you check out all the other videos in this playlist. Okay so let’s talk about hosting: when it comes to a fast

WordPress website people tend to focus on plugins and tips and hacks to make their website fast. The irony of course is that when it comes to hosting they typically look for the cheapest hosting they can get. Now sometimes this is down to budget and I totally get it

and when you don’t have money then that’s how it is. But there are some good WordPress hosts that are not that expensive and sometimes when we’re used to that budget mentality what tends to happen is that we continue to look for the cheapest hosting we can possibly get and then spend the majority of our time looking for magic plugins to speed up our website. So let me put this in

perspective: your hosting is pretty much the engine of the car and the plugins for want of a better description are like fitting lighter seats, lighter wing mirrors and lighter bumpers in order to help the car go faster. That’s how important hosting is. To put it another way, if you were spending hundreds of dollars on a big meaty dedicated server with tons of RAM and top-notch hardware then your WordPress website would be blisteringly fast and that’s before you added any optimization plugins. On the other hand if you get very cheap hosting especially shared hosting where one server is hosting tons and tons of websites – sometimes hundreds depending on the host – then all the resources of that server – that is the RAM and the disk space and the

CPU – are being shared by as many websites as are hosted on that server. That means that you get very few resources and that makes for a very slow website. So if you are hosted on a very cheap server then that becomes your ceiling, that pretty much determines the best

performance you’re gonna get out of your website. If you then spend all your day looking for plug-ins that claim they’re going to make your website incredibly fast you’ll probably find that typically some plugins can help but the

improvements you get are generally quite small and that’s because your website simply doesn’t have many resources; it’s on a bad server. So the very first thing we need to do if we want a fast

WordPress website is to open up our wallets, unfortunately, and shell out on good hosting. Now I used to host websites for clients for over a decade in a previous existence and I’ve dealt with more hosts than I’ve had hot dinners.

Some used to be absolutely great and then they were taken over by a certain company which promptly overcrowded them and completely ruined them and so I’ve had to migrate from tons of different hosts and I have the scars to prove it, so I’m very careful when I recommend a host and I’m also very suspicious of most hosts.

Now to make this video relevant in the future I’m going to put a link in the description to the hosts that I’m currently using and the ones that I recommend and I’m going to mention those hosts now but as I say things can change so I still advise that you check out the link just to make sure that the hosts that I recommend on my blog are still the same ones that I’m gonna mention in this video. Ok so I’m gonna make this really simple: if you don’t have the budget right now then I recommend SiteGround. This is the best WordPress hosting you can get on a budget; the servers are actually pretty fast

especially considering the low cost and if you go for the go geek plan you get what they call a semi dedicated server which guarantees that there will be fewer websites hosted on that server, which means that your website will have more resources which basically gives you a faster WordPress website. Now on the other hand if you do have the budget then I recommend Kinsta. They cost a little bit more but they are

blisteringly fast; they host on Google’s cloud platform and they are superbly well optimized. One choice is good for websites that don’t have too much traffic and one choice is great for blogs that do have a lot of traffic.

Remember that your hosting is akin to the engine in the car: 80% of your website performance and speed is going to be down to your hosting. The rest of the tips in this playlist – that is plugins and little hacks – those things will account for the 20% if you like of the overall picture when it comes to your WordPress optimization effort. Now there are thousands upon thousands of hosts of course and many of them are very good; I would need an entire lifetime to test them all so if you happen to have a great WordPress host then please leave a comment, share it so that we can all see who it is and please mention whether this is – in your opinion a budget host and I don’t mean $1 host I just mean a host ideal for somebody on a budget or a more expensive host,

a top host if you like for when it comes time to take things to the next level. So just share your experience and that would be really cool. Ok so now we’ve covered hosting. The next thing we want to look at is a good WordPress,


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