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I Teach People On Exact Blueprint Of How To Start A Money Making Successful Blog,Through Master Tips Of SEO And Convert That Into Passive Income.​
Hi ​Friend,

My Name is LALO the founder of Urdustatus.

I am an Engineer by profession but Blogger by passion.

I have been doing blogging and affiliate marketing since 2016,and established a few digital online businesses and my success is no where hidden from my social community.

Urdu-blogging Founder – Lalo
I am passionate about sharing my all learnings and experiences of Blogging, SEO ,Google ranking and passive income tips to my readers and every Blogging Enthusiasts.

UrduBlog will be an operating system for Blogging.

I own a YouTube Channel with Name Lalo , dedicated place to explore Blogging and all around SEO advance tips.

In Blogging journey you may fail at one point but i am here to hang you around me until you are willing to tie with me.

For those who are curious about my birthplace then i am coming from Karachi (Pakistan).

Let’s first talk about who i am and why you should follow me and UrduBlogging